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"I recommend HairMax as part of an anti-aging program to my patients..."

Dr. Daniel Man
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


"I recommend HairMax to my patients to reverse the thinning process..."

Dr. Sonia Batra
Board Certified Dermatologist


"HairMax is a significant evolution in the treatment of hair loss..."

Dr. Zakia Rahman
Board Certified Dermatologist

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HairMax Is The Global Leader In Laser Hair Growth Technology

• Over 90% Success Rate - In clinical studies.
• 7 FDA Clearances* - More than any other company.
• Clinically Proven - 7 studies with 460 men & women.
• Choice of Doctors - 14 medical device licenses.
• 90 Second Treatment - LaserBand 82.
• Affordable - Devices priced to fit any budget.

• Scientifically Reviewed - Published in 6 peer reviewed articles.
• Patented Parting Teeth - Improves light exposure to follicles.
• Full Scalp Coverage - Uniform laser light dispersion.
• High Quality Lasers - 100% medical grade lasers. No LEDs.
• Money Back Guarantee - 5 months money back.
• Lightweight and highly portable - No Heavy Batteries.

Your Patients Can Experience Hair Growth Results Like This

Before & After Female
Before & After Male

Actual user photos using HairMax laser devices for six months. Individual results may vary.

Watch How HairMax Technology Works


The theory of cellular mechanism of LLLT can be summed up as follows:

  1. Photons from laser are absorbed by mitochondria, increasing mitochondrial membrane potential, oxygen consumption and electron transport – enabling an increase of ATP that leads to normalization of cell function in hypoxic or damaged cells.
  2. Signaling pathways are activated by molecules such as reactive oxygen species, nitric oxide and cyclic-AMP.
  3. Transcription factors are activated and move to the nucleus where they cause an increase in expression of gene products.
  4. New gene expression products lead to a cascade of metabolic effects, resulting in various physiological
  5. Changes such as inhibition of apoptosis, hair growth, improved tissue repair, resolution of inflammation.

† Hawkins, D., N. Houreld, et al (2005). "Low Level laser therapy (LLLT) as an effective therapeutic modality for delayed wound healing."

#1 in Clinical Studies, FDA Clearances & Peer Reviewed Articles

HairMax has invested in more clinical studies on light energy for hair growth than any other company to date. Seven clinical studies with 460 men and women have been completed on HairMax Laser devices. These clinical studies were conducted at top medical research centers such as the Cleveland Clinic, the University of Miami and University of Minnesota and have resulted in 7 FDA 510(k) Clearances. The studies were designed to support 510(k) submissions to the FDA and were approved by an IRB (Independent Review Board) and complied with GCP (Good Clinical Practices) guidelines and monitored by a CRO (Contract Research Organization).

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